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Using Castle Windsor with Sitecore MVC for Dependency Injection

The preview release of Sitecore 6.6 comes with first class support for ASP.NET MVC. If you want to get serious about MVC programming the first thing you’re going to want to do is to add support for your favourite dependency injection container. In th...

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Recursive Select in C# and LINQ

To complement my post on recursive joins to create hierarchical structures, here's the opposite code to flatten a hierarchy by performing a recursive select in LINQ and returning a flat IEnumerable<T>. Consider the following hierarchical data:NodeDat...

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Recursive Hierarchical Joins in C# and LINQ

Here's a clean solution to doing recursive hierarchical joins in LINQ and C#. I couldn't find an example that didn't use an intermediate "node" class, so I'd like to introduce my approach which provides extension methods to IEnumerabe<T> for doing re...

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Pager for ASP.NET MVC

I recently implemented a pager in ASP.NET MVC and thought it would be worth sharing. It uses fluent syntax - a technique I've not seen used much in MVC to solve similar problems so I thought I'd throw it out there! At first glance, MVC has a much mor...

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Google Plus One Button for ASP.NET

The Google +1 button lets visitors to your site recommend and share your content. I've created an ASP.NET server control to encapsulate the JavaScript you need to embed on your page. Using my server control you don't need to keep visiting the Google...

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Symmetric Encryption in C#

Whenever I find myself needing to use a symmetric encryption algorithm, I always seem to write more or less the same code substituting whichever built in .NET cryptography class I need to use. So I decided to write a generic encrypt/decrypt cipher ut...

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